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What's on

Sat Mar 24 @11:00AM
Sat Mar 24 @12:00PM
Saturday Club
Fri Apr 06 @10:00AM
Music Therapy
Sat Apr 07 @11:00AM
Sat Apr 07 @12:00PM
Saturday Club
Fri Apr 13 @10:00AM
Music Therapy
Sat Apr 14 @11:00AM

Latest News

Charity Ceile
Thursday, 15 March 2018
Charity Ceile in aid of Down Syndrome Limerick commencing at 9PM in Longcourt House hotel, NewcastleWest.  Music by the Mountain Road Ceile band. All...
Music Therapy
Thursday, 15 March 2018
New Term April to June 2018. Music Therapy @ Blue Box Roxboro Suitable for babies and toddlers.Will be on every Friday Morning @ 10am Pay as you go- €6 if...
Preparing Down Syndrome Children for Primary School
Thursday, 22 February 2018
Fidelma Brady the National Education Officer for Down Syndrome Ireland will present a talk on "Preparing Down Syndrome Children for Primary School". This is...






Speech and Language Tips

Include your child in preparation for the new school year. Promote vocabulary development by talking about what is needed. Involvement in the process can make this a positive and exciting time.

Chairperson Message of The Month

Hello, my name is Paudie Murray and I am husband to Aoife and father to Rachael, Ciara and Hannah. Hannah who has Down syndrome is approaching her fourth birthday and is currently attending pre-school. Hannah is a unique individual with her own personality, family background and preferences that make her who she is. She is our child, our daughter, our sister but ultimately she is herself. Previous to Hannah’s birth we had little knowledge of the difficulties for people with Down Syndrome and their families. However, neither did we realise how rewarding it would be to parent a child with Down Syndrome. Hannah brings more joy and happiness to our family than anyone could ever imagine and we have learned so much already from her.

At Down Syndrome Limerick we are dedicated to being a primary source of information and support to people with Down syndrome and their families working towards an improved quality of life for our members and a respect for and acceptance of people with Down syndrome as valued members of our society. We place the person with Down syndrome at the centre of our organization and we value the uniqueness and diverse needs of our members and their families which govern all our activities.

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