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Mission Statement:

We endeavour to support families and individuals with Down Syndrome throughout their life, through a range of Social, Education and Development activities. Recognition of the importance of early intervention and of developing communication ability, with due regard to the individuality of the person, guides everything we do.

Services Provided:

The Limerick Branch supports people with Down Syndrome and their families. The Association is parent led and all services and activities represent the wishes of our members.
The primary service at the moment is the speech clinic where two full time speech therapists are employed. In addition to this there is music therapy, drama and swimming on a regular basis and once off courses in make-up, road safety and art classes. The Association also runs summer camps, junior and senior Christmas parties and other social activities. We aim to have a positive input in the lives of our children and help their families.

Contact Us:

Tel: 061-334023
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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                     A Welcome Face:

Hello, my name is Anna.  My role at Down Syndrome Limerick as Administrator is varied; it includes Reception, Administration, Accounts, and Administrative support to branch officers and committee members. I will most likely be the first person you meet when you visit our centre here in Castletroy. Anna's Office Hours are: Monday 9AM - 2PM; Tuesday 9AM - 4PM








Speech and Language Tips

It can be fun to reflect back on enjoyable times during the summer break. Use photographs of a day out, holiday or family event to recall these times and encourage commenting. These could be brought in to school or work to share as news.

Chairperson Message of The Month

Hello, my name is Paudie Murray and I am husband to Aoife and father to Rachael, Ciara and Hannah. Hannah who has Down syndrome is approaching her fourth birthday and is currently attending pre-school. Hannah is a unique individual with her own personality, family background and preferences that make her who she is. She is our child, our daughter, our sister but ultimately she is herself. Previous to Hannah’s birth we had little knowledge of the difficulties for people with Down Syndrome and their families. However, neither did we realise how rewarding it would be to parent a child with Down Syndrome. Hannah brings more joy and happiness to our family than anyone could ever imagine and we have learned so much already from her.

At Down Syndrome Limerick we are dedicated to being a primary source of information and support to people with Down syndrome and their families working towards an improved quality of life for our members and a respect for and acceptance of people with Down syndrome as valued members of our society. We place the person with Down syndrome at the centre of our organization and we value the uniqueness and diverse needs of our members and their families which govern all our activities.

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