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Literacy & Technology Hands On (Latch-On) is two-year literacy programme for adults with intellectual disability. Latch-On was initiated and developed at the school of education at the University of Queensland and has a strong foundation in educational research and practice. The programme provides opportunities for adults with Down syndrome to commence and continue their literacy development. 

Latch-On is a four module literacy programme focusing on topics such as the self, the community, the wider world and the world of work. The programme is taught twice weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 09.30 - 15.00. We currently have twelve students on the course.

Resource Library

Resource Library


Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 10am to 4 pm

The John Quane Resource Room was set up in 2010 in memory of a much loved deceased member. There is a variety of books available for members use in the library. Please feel free to come in and browse, if you wish to take a book home, it will need to be checked out with the administrator in reception







Speech and Language Tips

Involve your child in food preparation, such as making a sandwich, to encourage recall and sequence. Ask your child to get some of the items needed and talk through the steps. You could take a few photos to recall the sequence and review what happened.

Chairperson Message of The Month

For my second and last message to you all, if you have been on holidays I hope you had a good time and enjoyed yourselves and if you are still looking forward to sometime off, have a good time and stay safe.

I would like to welcome Claire Walsh, on board, as a temporary replacement for Breeda.

The next big event we have to look forward to is the Tour de Munster BBQ on Thursday August 6. You will have received your invitation by this stage, via e-mail and post. Please make a big effort to come along and meet all the cyclists who are doing this cycle for all our members in Munster. Claire needs to know how many people we will be catering for, so please let her know as soon as possible if you are going attend.  Looking forward to having a big turn out for the occasion and hopefully I'll see you there

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