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VAT Back on Equipment


NOTE NEW FORM 61A SINCE AUGUST 2018 – REQUIRES BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS – this form is available on the Revenue Website (if you use the old form it will be sent back to you

& will delay your repayment)


If you claim online – put in your first VAT number & then just upload all the receipts – this section of the online application will be ‘fixed’ for multiple receipts next year, the section is aware of the problem


Decisions are made on a case by case basis but rule of thumb is that the item Must Be for the exclusive use of person with DS

An OT/SLT letter supporting the purchase is not essential to have with claim but helps or may be requested later if audited

ENSURE: Your receipt is a FULL VAT Receipt, with supplies VAT number clearly stated & that it has your name on it and that it says PAID IN FULL

*If your purchase if from the USA and duty was paid on it you can reclaim this.

If your purchase is not subject to Irish VAT then you will not be able to claim.

Before claiming make sure your purchase is actually subject to VAT – not all items are

When we rang Revenue we explained what NUMICON is & they said that as long as the item was for the sole use of the child and VAT was charged then the VAT would most likely be repaid.


  1. Download the form


  1. 2.Apply On-Line


This is the form used for the reclaim of VAT on aids and appliances for persons with disabilities

There is the option to apply for the VAT back online (e-repayment option)

The office in Monaghan is on 047-62100 – option 6

Enquires On Line

On My Account (www.revenue.ie)  there is a My Enquiries option where a person can register an email address and put a query in writing

In this case

Register for My Account on www.revenue.ie

-          I am sure DSL have a tax number that could be registered on My Account

-          We are all being encouraged to use My Account for our queries and if the query cant go in in DSLs name I could put it in on My “My account”

There is a My Enquiries icon/envelope on top right

Add New Enquiry

My Query Relates to: Value Added Tax (from the dropdown)

More Specifically: Refund of VAT on Aids and Appliances for persons with disabilities (a new list appears here based on what the query relates to)

There is a text box where the nature of the query can be given and Revenue will reply to this.

Speech and Language Tips

Play a game such as 'Simon Says', taking turns to follow and give instructions. This is a way of promoting both listening and expressive language (at an appropriate level) while having some fun with action.

Chairperson Message

Hello, my name is Paudie Murray and I am husband to Aoife and father to Rachael, Ciara and Hannah. Hannah who has Down syndrome is approaching her fourth birthday and is currently attending pre-school. Hannah is a unique individual with her own personality, family background and preferences that make her who she is. She is our child, our daughter, our sister but ultimately she is herself. Previous to Hannah’s birth we had little knowledge of the difficulties for people with Down Syndrome and their families. However, neither did we realise how rewarding it would be to parent a child with Down Syndrome. Hannah brings more joy and happiness to our family than anyone could ever imagine and we have learned so much already from her.

At Down Syndrome Limerick we are dedicated to being a primary source of information and support to people with Down syndrome and their families working towards an improved quality of life for our members and a respect for and acceptance of people with Down syndrome as valued members of our society. We place the person with Down syndrome at the centre of our organization and we value the uniqueness and diverse needs of our members and their families which govern all our activities.

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