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Download our full Parent Pack

All people with Down syndrome are individuals with individual talents and
abilities. They are more like their families than anyone else. The only thing people with Down syndrome have in common is the syndrome itself.

Physically, they may share some of the following characteristics to varying
degrees. It is important you know that the presence or absence of these physical characteristics is of absolutely no relevance to your child’s development.parentlink4

     One in two babies will have heart problems, which can vary from a simple murmur
     to a more severe condition. This is quite common and most heart problems will be
     diagnosed in the first three months of life and are treated medically or surgically
     if required;

     Your baby’s muscle tone may be less than in other babies which means that their
     head and neck will need extra support;

     Your baby’s birth weight may be less than that of other babies and their feet and
     hands may be smaller, broader and sometimes chubbier.

The bright future ahead

The quality of life of people with Down syndrome has improved immensely in the
last thirty years. Just like the rest of us, they now enjoy longer life expectancy and
can live happy, fulfilling and active lives as part of the community.

It is also now the case whereby people with Down syndrome can be educated like
everybody else. In fact many now rightly expect, and are well able for, an inclusive
education and you should always encourage your child in their studies. In Ireland,
dozens of young people with Down syndrome have already passed state examinations
and reached other educational milestones.

Your child may also expect to work and live as part of their community, to form close
friendships and achieve whatever personal goals they set themselves. Share their
journey to independence with them and let them make you proud.


Speech and Language Tips

Include your child in preparation for the new school year. Promote vocabulary development by talking about what is needed. Involvement in the process can make this a positive and exciting time.

Chairperson Message of The Month

Hello, my name is Paudie Murray and I am husband to Aoife and father to Rachael, Ciara and Hannah. Hannah who has Down syndrome is approaching her fourth birthday and is currently attending pre-school. Hannah is a unique individual with her own personality, family background and preferences that make her who she is. She is our child, our daughter, our sister but ultimately she is herself. Previous to Hannah’s birth we had little knowledge of the difficulties for people with Down Syndrome and their families. However, neither did we realise how rewarding it would be to parent a child with Down Syndrome. Hannah brings more joy and happiness to our family than anyone could ever imagine and we have learned so much already from her.

At Down Syndrome Limerick we are dedicated to being a primary source of information and support to people with Down syndrome and their families working towards an improved quality of life for our members and a respect for and acceptance of people with Down syndrome as valued members of our society. We place the person with Down syndrome at the centre of our organization and we value the uniqueness and diverse needs of our members and their families which govern all our activities.

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