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Download our full Parent Pack

Always remember that you are not alone. In addition to Footsteps, there are many other people that will offer you support and you should be aware of all your benefits and entitlements, the majority of which are listed here. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Service Provider – Service Providers vary from region to region, however they
look after newborns and their parents. Your paediatrician will advise your service
provider, who will make arrangements to meet you over the next few weeks. If you
haven’t been contacted, ask your local Footsteps branch who your service provider is.

Your Public Health Nurse – All new mums get a visit from the public health nurse. She
can give you general advice on your baby’s health and information on other services.

Social Work Department at your Maternity Unit.

Don’t forget that you can always contact Footsteps for additional support and

Possible benefits and entitlements

Domiciliary Care Allowance – apply to your local health board;

Carer’s Allowance – apply to Carer’s Allowance Payments, Social Welfare Services
Office, Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs, Ballinalee Road,

Respite Care Grant – this is automatically received by those collecting either of the
above benefits;

Long-term Illness Card – apply to your local health board;

Tax Free Allowances – details can be obtained from your tax office;

Other Payments – obtain booklet entitled “Entitlements for People with Disabilities”
from Comhairle.


Speech and Language Tips

Include your child in preparation for the new school year. Promote vocabulary development by talking about what is needed. Involvement in the process can make this a positive and exciting time.

Chairperson Message of The Month

For my second and last message to you all, if you have been on holidays I hope you had a good time and enjoyed yourselves and if you are still looking forward to sometime off, have a good time and stay safe.

I would like to welcome Claire Walsh, on board, as a temporary replacement for Breeda.

The next big event we have to look forward to is the Tour de Munster BBQ on Thursday August 6. You will have received your invitation by this stage, via e-mail and post. Please make a big effort to come along and meet all the cyclists who are doing this cycle for all our members in Munster. Claire needs to know how many people we will be catering for, so please let her know as soon as possible if you are going attend.  Looking forward to having a big turn out for the occasion and hopefully I'll see you there

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