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Download our full Parent Pack

Footsteps is the name for the association Down Syndrome Ireland - the
national organisation of parents and guardians of people with Down
syndrome. We recognise that people with Down syndrome are no different
to anybody else - they experience many great things and also face many
challenges throughout their lives. However, as they may need a little extra
help along the way, we aim to make their futures as bright andparentlink2
independent as possible by providing education, training, employment,
support and friendship every step of the way.

On a personal level, you now have your own journey to make as Down syndrome
becomes part of your everyday life. We are here to share that journey with you and
provide you with all the information and support that you need along the way. This
includes our help line 1890 374 374, literature and resource library, counselling
service, parents’ groups, holidays and information centres.

Footsteps is committed to representing people with Down syndrome and their
families by lobbying for improvements that are so urgently needed in early
intervention, education, training, employment, medical, housing services and
disability legislation so that people with Down syndrome may have brighter futures
and the means to achieve their goals. Our National Resource Centre programme will
provide expert advice and support in these areas and your baby will lead a more
independent future because of your participation.

Through our 23 branch network nationwide, you can access thousands of other
parents and families just like your own, who will have similar experiences and who
will share in yours. You are very welcome to attend meetings in your local branch,
which we hope you will find very useful. Most branches even provide social
events/clubs, parent meetings, speech and language training and much more, so be
sure you and your baby get out there and embrace life.


Speech and Language Tips

Play a game such as 'Simon Says', taking turns to follow and give instructions. This is a way of promoting both listening and expressive language (at an appropriate level) while having some fun with action.

Chairperson Message of The Month

For my second and last message to you all, if you have been on holidays I hope you had a good time and enjoyed yourselves and if you are still looking forward to sometime off, have a good time and stay safe.

I would like to welcome Claire Walsh, on board, as a temporary replacement for Breeda.

The next big event we have to look forward to is the Tour de Munster BBQ on Thursday August 6. You will have received your invitation by this stage, via e-mail and post. Please make a big effort to come along and meet all the cyclists who are doing this cycle for all our members in Munster. Claire needs to know how many people we will be catering for, so please let her know as soon as possible if you are going attend.  Looking forward to having a big turn out for the occasion and hopefully I'll see you there

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